Does Happiness Elude You?

I am writing this post while vacationing in Mexico. It seems fitting to write about happiness in such a beautiful place. There was a time when all I thought I needed to be happy was all the things I didn’t have. Now I no longer pursue happiness. I appreciate when I am happy, but I appreciate more the times when I am at peace with myself and with the world.

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How Hillary got over Trump

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Regardless of your personal feelings for Hillary, you must admit that losing her chance to become first female president of the United States was a pretty big blow. And losing to Donald Trump? We can only imagine what that must have felt like. How did Hillary deal with her loss? Continue reading “How Hillary got over Trump”

A Mindfulness Lesson from my Granddaughter

I read my 13-year-old Granddaughter Kaylie’s Blog the other day. She wrote that she steps back from her emotions and examines them as if they were the emotions of a friend. I realized that she was describing an important lesson in mindfulness. Continue reading “A Mindfulness Lesson from my Granddaughter”

Hobbies as a form of Mindfulness

Hobbies play an important role in helping us stay present and in the moment. Before I learned Mindfulness, I thought a hobby’s only function was to prove I wasn’t boring at a cocktail party. After all, what practical reason could I have for filling my basement with miniature dollhouses? Continue reading “Hobbies as a form of Mindfulness”