3 Ways We Complicate Our Emotions

My granddaughter Kaylie was excited to go shopping on Boxing Day with her Christmas money. I dropped her off at the Mall and when I returned, she was frantic. She had set her shopping bags down at the food court and now they were gone. “Would I please come in and help her find them?”

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Do You Hide Your True Feelings?

My all-time favorite picture now, scab and all

I’m five years old in this picture and mad as hell. This photo was supposed to be only of me. My Mom dressed me up, curled my hair, and left me waiting for a man in a van to come take my photo. The man showed up, grabbed my dirty brother out of the sandbox, and stuck him in my picture. I was furious but didn’t say a word as I smiled for the camera. Continue reading “Do You Hide Your True Feelings?”

How Did You Survive Your Childhood?

Being a child means being dependent on others and having little control over what happens to you. If your vulnerability is protected, you spend your childhood learning life-skills that prepare you for adulthood. If you are not protected, you spend your childhood learning survival skills. Adulthood is either thrust on you too soon or catches you unprepared.

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Does Happiness Elude You?

I am writing this post while vacationing in Mexico. It seems fitting to write about happiness in such a beautiful place. There was a time when all I thought I needed to be happy was all the things I didn’t have. Now I no longer pursue happiness. I appreciate when I am happy, but I appreciate more the times when I am at peace with myself and with the world.

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5 Reasons for Mood Swings

Many of us are familiar with the slight mood swings that hormones, stress, or illness can cause. We are all capable of over-reacting occasionally and under certain circumstances. But for some people, significant mood swings are a part of their daily lives and it affects their self-esteem, relationships, and quality of life.

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Is it Love or is it Anxiety?

Couple fightingAre you in an intense, passionate love affair with someone that’s bad for you but you can’t let go? Have you distanced yourself from a friend or family member because their roller-coaster relationship is exhausting and hard to watch? Why does a person insist they can’t live without someone who is clearly making them miserable?

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How to Survive a Verbal Attack

I was in line one day at the airport when a woman arrived late and wasn’t permitted to board. She screamed obscenities at the West Jet representative, startling everyone within earshot. It’s rare to see this kind of verbal attack in public and between strangers; it usually happens at home and with people we love. Continue reading “How to Survive a Verbal Attack”

Trust Yourself and Heal from Social Anxiety

boy hides face
My grandson hides his face in embarrassment

Social anxiety is the fear of being judged by other people; but it’s not other people’s judgment we fear, it’s our own. If we can handle criticism and rejection without becoming devastated, we don’t fear social situations. Continue reading “Trust Yourself and Heal from Social Anxiety”

3 Easy Steps to Self Acceptance

happy womenFor over thirty years self-esteem has been a top priority for educators and therapists. Despite efforts to improve self-esteem, it remains elusive.

Researchers now say we’re pursuing the wrong thing. We need to pursue self-acceptance, not self-esteem, if we want to feel better about ourselves. Continue reading “3 Easy Steps to Self Acceptance”